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Hi Beekeepers,

I have had difficulty getting swarms to stay in a couple of Flow  hives. If they are a 10 frame boxes and the swarm isn't a very big one, and particularly when there is no foundation on the frames the bees tend to abscond. So the trick I have been told, is to cut a section from a plastic queen excluder and tape that to the front of the hive so that even if the bees want to abscond the queen cannot get out! I am trying this on a box at the moment so I'll let you all know. The only problem I can see is if it's a secondary swarm and the queen in unmated she can't get out to go on a mating flight. I will give it a day or 2 and see what's going on in the box. If there is comb being produced, or dare I hope for cells with eggs, I will remove the queen excluder.


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About Jane Suttle

I have been keeping bees, in Sydney and in Goulburn, since 2008, and I still feel like a novice. There is so much to know and learn and understand about bees. There is also the challenge of not knowing what challenges each season will present to us, in the age of climate disruption. This makes honey a rear and treasured commodity! We are truely beekeepers rather than honey producers.

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