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We recently installed the fencing for our apiary. A huge Thank You goes to two very kind and generous men Hilman and Noel for working on the installation. 

We think it looks great and we can't wait to move our first hives into the enclosure.

Thank you to Connie and Adrian for donating one Top Bar Hive and one Langstroth brood box - both with colonies!

Thank you also to Ray and Ros for donating one Langstroth brood box complete with colony!


We could not carry on without volunteers so if you wish to volunteer to help with the apiary with things such as maintenance inspections etc then please don't hesitate to get in touch. We need you!

The enclosure could also do with some art work on the inside fence. If you are able to help we want to know about it. 😉


So far all expenses have been covered by the fund raising done throughout 2023 but we still need to purchase some equipment and hopefully a garden shed for storage. Furthermore, we plan to have some beekeeping suits available to provide opportunities for non-beekeepers to join us during inspections to experience the joy of beekeeping. 


Talk to us:  John Scott - Apiary Leader, M: 0410 590 044  Renate Barrett