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Create your pollinator garden

The Goulburn district is located in a cold climate zone. This makes it ideal to plant deciduous trees and shrubs that begin to flower in early spring just in time for our bees to come out of their winter slumber to start collecting pollen and nectar. Bees cannot survive without flowering plants.

Goulburn is perfect for creating a bee-friendly garden. Your plants will thrive with the pollination activities of honey bees. We encourage locals to provide lots of flowering plants for Bees to keep them healthy while creating beautiful gardens. 


  • Plant a variety of plants which will blossom throughout the year to ensure bees have something to forage on in every season.
  • Plant in larger clumps to make foraging easier and attract bees to your garden.
  • Planting a mix of smaller shrubs and flowering trees provides pollinators a steady supply of food.
  • Introduce a mix of native plant species endemic to our region to ensure successful plantings

A planting guide for our cold climate zone, produced by the Wheen Bee Foundation: Powerful Pollinators

A list of honey producing native plants for our region compiled by Peter Wauchope: ACACIA Species

Floral Resource Database for the NSW Apiary Industry: Floral Resource Database for the NSW Apiary Industry