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Growing Beautiful Bee Gardens in the Southern Tablelands of NSW

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Introduction This book provides a guide to plants that thrive in the Southern Tablelands and are very attractive to bees. All the plants listed attract native and exotic bee species and assist in their ongoing nutrition and hive health. Plant selection is on the following criteria:

  • Useful to bees and provide a varied diet
  • Have aesthetic qualities and are adapted to the local area
  • High availability, low maintenance and water wise
  • Not declared noxious weed, prohibited plant, highly toxic or likely to cause significant environmental harm

Costa Georgiadis, The ABC’s Gardening Australia Host, landscape architect and educator.

“This book is simple, it is concise and it is a tool for local change. Knowing the right plant to grow in your local world to help these priceless pollinators is a powerful tool for use by students and elders and everyone in between. It gives every individual the information they need to start small and help make a big picture difference to their local environment by planting the right plants in the right place. Can do actions create momentum that influences those around us and in so doing helps motivate global change from the backyards, balconies and street gardens of our own neighbourhoods. Gardeners are the flag bearers … one flowering plant at a time”

Dr Doug Somerville, Technical Specialist Honey Bees, NSW Department of Primary Industries

“A well-presented book discussing suitable plants that have the potential to provide food to bees in the form of nectar and pollen. Undoubtedly one of the main restrictions on the distribution and abundance of bees...Brian and Lee have done an exceptional job in compiling suitable plants for, at times, a very harsh environment.”

The authors and Goulburn District Beekeepers Club (GDBC) would like to thank the Amateur Beekeepers Association (ABA) for providing funding to print this book.

The GDBC express their gratitude to club members Brian Faulkner and Lee Towle for conceiving, writing and producing this book.

©Goulburn District Beekeepers Club, 2018

Copyright This publication is copyright. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth), no part of the publication may be reproduced by any process, electronic or otherwise, without the specific written permission of the copyright owner. Neither may information be stored electronically in any form whatever without such permission.

All content by Brian Faulkner and Lee Towle remains their property. Brian Faulkner and Lee Towle bestow copyright ownership to GDBC for their use.

Front cover photo Gardens at the Goulburn Historic Waterworks Museum at Marsden Weir, Fitzroy Street, Goulburn. The museum and gardens are maintained by volunteers from We Love Goulburn Volunteers and the Goulburn Historic Waterworks Museum Volunteers.


Written by:                         Brian Faulkner and Lee Towle

Editing:                                Lee Towle

Proof reading:                    Ed Suttle

Photos:                               Brian Faulkner

Printing:                             Goulpress, Goulburn, NSW

ISBN:                                    978-0-6483169-0-9


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